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I am a mom of five children, a mother-in-law and recently a grandmother and presently make a living as a Regional Manager for Eckerd Workforce Development Services. By the time I reached my thirties I had four children in tow and was juggling roles of wife, mother, friend, employee, housekeeper, community member, sister, sister-in-law and daughter. I diligently crossed off my daily “to do” lists and left very little space for spontaneity or time for myself. I searched for a calendar/ journal that would adequately organize all of these obligations and help me “control” my life. When I did not find something adequate I started on the path of creating my own. I eventually became a slave to this book that housed all of my goals, appointments and “to do” lists. In 1990 my family and I found ourselves living in temporary housing because of a house fire. Rather than get caught up in the details of the situation I came to the realization that the fire mirrored my own life; burnt out, on every level; physically, emotionally and spiritually. Over the next years I realized I was not searching for the perfect calendar to organize my life – I was trying to birth a different way to live life.

Note from Patti - not all the facts are accurate yet below is a story from the Chestnut Hill Local.
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  1. Congratulations Mom! I'm so excited to watch you take this amazing journey! We love you, Kim, Elliot & Brooks