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GRAVY – The juices exuded by cooking meat, a sauce made by seasoning and thickening these juices. (Slang) – Money or profit which is easily acquired (Webster’s Dictionary)

A cloudy, gray day in the winter of 1996 mirrored my own somber mood as I stared out the window while talking with a friend on the telephone. She and I tried to make sense of the continued struggles I found myself facing when she lightheartedly remarked, “I think it is time you asked to be passed the gravy!” We laughed out loud as we got carried away with this thought. “Yes my friend”, I said, “I have had enough of the dry, plain, lumpy potatoes…don’t just pass the gravy pour it on!  Rich, thick and creamy, I am ready!”  We said our goodbyes after I thanked her for the humor and while placing the phone in its cradle I tucked this phrase safely within my memory. Sometime later this thought completed its journey from my memory to a place deep within and was a turning point in my life.

PLEASE PASS THE GRAVY includes fourteen short stories that chronicle my personal journey of being a slave to Chronos time, my upward climb as I learned about Kairos time, spontaneity, passion, dreams and trust and became clearer of what the gravy meant for me. The gravy defined as all of the abundant, peaceful, joyous things an authentic life has to offer. These stories will offer self-reflection so one can ask themselves what truly belongs on their list of things to do, what is the balance of following ones’ heart, being spontaneous and also responsible and goal – oriented. As we start to ask what the gravy means to us individually and create the time to listen we will then have the clarity about the ingredients needed to prepare to receive it. Ultimately what we are always seeking is the Kingdom within – find that and you will have the main ingredient needed in creating abundance of the richest, thickest gravy for your savoring. The theme of the fourteen stories will support one to engage fully in the present moment while trusting that this action alone will naturally deliver you to your next moment meant to happen. In doing this you acquire the faith to know you have plenty of time to do all you ever need to in the way you were meant to do it. Each story will be appropriate to the month it represents within the organizer. The stories weave a theme that HOW we spend our time is much more important than how much we cross off our “to do” lists daily. 

Uniqueness of Concept

I can personally account for the success of this shift from my list of things to do to surrendering to God’s plan after struggling with Obsessive Compulsive Disease. Early in my thirties out of my own need to feel “in control” of my time I designed and self published a calendar/journal titled The Companion which housed lists to do, appointments etc. Over the next years this evolved and was called Mom’s Minutes. I continued to be intrigued by what people did with their time yet also was becoming aware of how much of this precious gift called time we waste repeating unconscious patterns of behavior. I was getting closer to the book that was trying to be born as Mom’s Minutes included some self reflecting quotes and journal pages yet still put doing before being as it clearly was coming from an ego centered place rather than an intuitive place. Please Pass the Gravy encompasses all the qualities of the previous designs and encourages a woman to tap into the Master Plan for her life – this is where true peace lies. Please Pass the Gravy is unique from other time management books as it is inviting all women to shift from “managing” their time to creating the rest of their lives. Please Pass the Gravy acknowledges that time is our most valuable resource as the stories are housed within a time management calendar/ journal. 

Please Pass the Gravy is 8 by 11 spiral bound.

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