Sunday, December 6, 2015

Announcing the birth of Please Pass the Gravy...

Announcing the birth of Please Pass the Gravy weighing 2.9 ounces, 11 inches long. My daughter Kimberly prepared and planned her entire pregnancy for a non-medicated birth. Kim was due October 31st.  On October 30th Kim’s water broke, her and her husband Brooks headed to the hospital. Before midnight they found out the baby turned some time that past week and was breech, Kim needed to have a c section. Kim and Brooks were devastated. Elliot Jennifer was born on her due date yet came the way nature intended. As I told Kim later, we can plan and prepare, yet peace and strength is found in the letting go to the flow of life. 

Excerpt from Please Pass the Gravy:

A friend who is a fisherman shared with me. “I can’t catch a fish with a tight line. I have learned, the secret to catching fish requires play in the line.” In a moment of silence, I brought this metaphor to all my life’s experiences, and realized it is in the loosening of my grip on life, it is in relaxation that I meet Spirit and allow my soul’s knowingness to surface and ripple through my being. A look of contentment settled on my friend’s face as he continued, “Just as in life, when I loosen my grip, accept what is so, open my arms to the sky and surrender, the fertile space is provided for divine intervention.” I smiled and realized, I was on holy ground, again.

Please Pass the Gravy is a collection of personal stories within a planner/ journal for women.

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