Saturday, January 23, 2016

Homeward Bound

Each of us is an artist. An artist is merely someone with good listening skills who accesses the creative energy of the universe to bring forth something on the material plane that wasn't here before. It was a part of spirit before we could see it as a book, a painting, a ballet, a film. So it is with creating an authentic life. With every choice, every day, you are creating a unique work of art. Something beautiful. The reason you were born is to leave your own indelible mark on your personal world. This is your authenticity. Sarah Ban Breathnach

What will your mark on the universe be each day? Preparing a  delicious meal for a friend, listening to someone - listening to understand  not to reply, visiting an senior citizen or giving a new mom an hour to herself... these are only a few things that one can do to leave their authentic mark. creative, be spontaneous - let the magic unfold.

About the pictures: Having a baby is being an artist...bringing someone forth to the material world that was a part of spirit. The picture on the left is me and on the right is my granddaughter, Elliot Jennifer. Loving this part of my life!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Announcing the birth of Please Pass the Gravy...

Announcing the birth of Please Pass the Gravy weighing 2.9 ounces, 11 inches long. My daughter Kimberly prepared and planned her entire pregnancy for a non-medicated birth. Kim was due October 31st.  On October 30th Kim’s water broke, her and her husband Brooks headed to the hospital. Before midnight they found out the baby turned some time that past week and was breech, Kim needed to have a c section. Kim and Brooks were devastated. Elliot Jennifer was born on her due date yet came the way nature intended. As I told Kim later, we can plan and prepare, yet peace and strength is found in the letting go to the flow of life. 

Excerpt from Please Pass the Gravy:

A friend who is a fisherman shared with me. “I can’t catch a fish with a tight line. I have learned, the secret to catching fish requires play in the line.” In a moment of silence, I brought this metaphor to all my life’s experiences, and realized it is in the loosening of my grip on life, it is in relaxation that I meet Spirit and allow my soul’s knowingness to surface and ripple through my being. A look of contentment settled on my friend’s face as he continued, “Just as in life, when I loosen my grip, accept what is so, open my arms to the sky and surrender, the fertile space is provided for divine intervention.” I smiled and realized, I was on holy ground, again.

Please Pass the Gravy is a collection of personal stories within a planner/ journal for women.

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Welcome to Homeward Bound

The Sufi says that there are three journeys – the journey from God, the journey to God, and the journey in God.

The constant doing in my younger years eventually caught up to me and created extreme imbalance that was reflected in the neurotic, obsessive thoughts that controlled my life. I had two choices, to give up or to give in. By choosing to give in I had to stop, listen and feel. In this being place I heard the part of me that was crying out. In this being place I felt what my body remembered but my mind forgot. I am so grateful for those anxious thoughts that demanded my attention, by placing me in the present moment, holding my mind captive. At first, I searched for a way out, eventually, I realized I needed to go within. I surrendered to this being a spiritual invitation.
After a lot of self-examination, reflection and prayer, I realized the anxiety occurred when I was running ahead of God or running without God altogether. The seedling for Please Pass the Gravy was planted.

My wish is for you this coming year is peace, as you shift from believing it is not how much you do that matters, but how you do it. I pray, you connect to the essence of your being and bring that to your doing which leads to an authentic life. More important, I hope you trust enough to leave empty spaces within your days, for the dreams bigger than you can imagine that God has planned for your life and are waiting for you to receive.

Dear God, don’t just pass the gravy; pour it on, rich, thick and creamy. I am ready!